Friday, 8 June 2012

Facing Facts

One of the many reality t.v shows I have indulged in over the years is 'The City', spin-off of the classic 'The Hills'. Obviously I was into Whitney, who wasn't? She was cute and had glowing skin and her fall on national t.v was only endearing. There was one character however who I hated, who bothered me more than most other reality show bad girls. The girl in mention is of course Miss Palermo. I didn't even love to hate her, I just hated her. A while back when a friend said she thought Olivia Palermo was almost perfect I was flabbergasted, of course I kept to my morals and argued my case of why she was definitely not perfect. But I've recently realised that perhaps ... she is. I mean maybe it's just because 'The City' has been cancelled for a while and I've not had to watch her to her sneaky tricks to make Whitney's life more difficult in the ELLE offices, or maybe it's just because she's pretty freaking great. I decided to investigate my feelings further. I knew I loved her style, I mean just take a look...

But then I decided that to be able to make an educated decision I needed to hear her speak again. I needed footage. So I found some.... and I didn't hate her. I mean it didn't hurt that her dashing bf featured heavily.. but maybe I'm warming to Olivia Palermo. I never thought I'd see this day.

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