Monday, 21 May 2012

I hate exercise

Ok, so the start of the summer has come and I still haven't got my act together when it comes to the aim of a banging beach bod. Obviously the body is the goal but being healthy is too. So far I've outlined a few rules to keep me in check:-

NEVER buy a chocolate bar (my vice is chocolate)
Only eat when you’re actually hungry (I tend to shnack... a lot)
Say NO if people offer you sweet treats (A toughie I know)
Drink more water
Exercise AT LEAST 3 times a week (3 may not sound a lot, but guys I'm going from zero times a week)
Eat more fruit

Losing a little weight but TONING and keeping healthy is even more important. I'm starting off with these rules but I will figure out a proper exercise regime and as I'm starting from essentially scratch I'll add to it each week so by the time my holiday comes I should be a pro! ..... I hope 

So that I don't get lazy, I'm sending my rules to my it-girl friend who I know will keep me in check! Moral support/someone to tell you it straight it essential.   

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